There has been a lot of talk about cookware and some of the health hazards posed by some of the available products in the global market today, which is an irony since many home shoppers are looking for healthy cookware sets. The search for the perfect material with both non-stick and non-toxic features for cookware has led to the production of the best ceramic cookware sets. Most people opt for the non-stick type mainly for health reasons because the cookware allows you to use little to no oil when cooking or frying. Ceramic cookware is also oven safe and can store leftover food in the freezer or fridge. It can be used in the microwave as well, making it extremely versatile. In our search for the top products in this niche (Best Nonstick Cookware) we ran across the several top brands manufacturing Ceramic Cookware which generally comes in 10 piece or 15 piece sets. The research which concentrated on the best ceramic cookware reviews on authority websites resulted in an overall winner with considerations being pinned on durability, quality, safety (both in handling while cooking and toxic free), high performance and customer satisfaction. The ceramic cookware sets stood out from its close competition because of the following features as compiled from the investigation.

PTFE, Cadmium & PFOA Free

Cadmium, PFOA and PTFE are toxic materials used in the manufacture of non-stick cookware which can be exposed in the form of broken down gases or molecules when your cookware is exposed to very high temperatures. These chemicals have been proven to be dangerous to our health over time and can cause serious problems with our organs’ functionality or our hormones. Evidence shows that these chemicals can be exposed at temperatures of only 400 degrees to 500 degrees F which means they would pose a great danger to you if you were using any of the available top notch nonstick ceramic cookware sets which can withstand temperatures of up to 700 degrees F (the highest recorded temperature exposure test). The gases have been known to be lethal to birds sometimes causing instant death, depending on the level of exposure. PFOA is also known to cause different complications in humans, such as high cholesterol, cancer and low weight at birth. This makes ceramic cookware which is free of all these toxins very safe for use because none of these harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

High Performance and Versatility

If there is a product that ever lived to its promise out there, then this is one of them. It’s totally out-performs its non-stick and even heat distribution capabilities to give you the ultimate kitchen experience. Versatility is important when looking for quality kitchenware and these nonstick ceramic cookware sets provide just that. You can use them with a lot of ease on stovetops, microwaves and in ovens without fear of damaging.

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